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Kzstan › Sri Lanka. Unawatuna. 10.03.09 - 20.03.09

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In the morning I was in Colombo to get my new visa from Indian high commission. Since I came there I had to wait to come in for 20 minutes with some Sri Lankan and 2 exalted US women who were overprotecting the entrance from anyone who tried to come into before them. Good that I left my luggage in cloak room in Colombo train station (around 50 rs for 12 hours it costs) because it could be pretty hard to do all the things with my huge backpack. So afterwards I got my brand new visa but unfortunately only single and only for 3 months.

Now I was free to go back to India but decided to stay in Sri Lanka for a while and go to the coast. So I took a train to Unawatuna which is on the south-west coast of the island. But on the way I met a man who tried to take me to his brother's guest house which was in the way. He tried to convince me that it's a best choice: GH is near the ocean, there is internet and hot shower and it costs 500 or 600 rs. Eventually when we reached the guest house it was not on the ocean but about 100-150 meters from there, there were no hot water and internet so I just turned around and left that place without saying good bye. So I took a bus to get Unawatuna and was lucky to find a good guest house right after I get from the bus. There was a boy who showed me guest house right on a beach but without hot shower for 1000 rs. The name of it is Summer Garden. An owner of guest house, Prianka, was very nice and she didn't take any extra tax from me even for food and let me use internet in her room for free. So I was totally happy to stay there next 10 days.

So Unawatuna is just a great beach, they say it's in a list of top beaches of the world. High sky, beautiful clouds, clean turquoise ocean and terrific sunsets make this place unforgettable.
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Привет, а почему на английском?
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И где картинки?
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