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Kzstan › India. Pune again. 17.04.09 – 05.05.09

Карма 9
Прошу прощения за то, что все таки продолжаю писать на англииском, но таковы мои сегодняшние условия. транслитом много не напишешь. скоро добавлю переводы к последним постам. и фото.

So on April 17 I came to Pune by night sleeper bus which cost me 400 INR. I decided to stay in the same place where Geet used to stay. Riksha driver charge an exorbitant price around 200 INR to get Koregaon Park area. But finally I found the place and get the same room for 250 per night.

Next couple of weeks I was doing nothing except sleeping, eating and chilling in ashram sometimes. I spent my 24th birthday in ashram doing all the meditations I could. So it was definitely something new.

Interesting stuff begun to happened in the last week. I met in the swimming pool area and at an Ashram party a group of Russians from Ekaterinburg. Very nice people: group leader mother Natalia and daughter Masha, Tatiana, theirs friend, other girl Lena, and some others. After that ashram party on April 25th, we went to the night club called Water Stone or something. It's close to Hard Rock Café. It was a lot of fun and beginning of our friendship. Girls was going to go to the north soon, however as me. So we decided to go to Srinagar, summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, next Monday together. Also in ashram I met 2 girls from Kazakhstan, Astana. So last week there was a time of nice people meetings.

But last 4 days were really surprise for me, cuz by a fluke I was invited to translate a group intensive "Who is in?" for Russian girl from Ekaterinburg, Lena. As an interpreter I had to move to Ashram and take part in all the group activities as a full-involved participant. Intensive supposed to continue from 1st to 4th may. So I moved my flight to the mountains to 1 day and arranged that I would meet girls in Srinagar on Tuesday.

"Who is in?" was really hard group. We all lived in the same room, had to do all the main meditations (dynamic, kundalini, evening meeting and some other active). Moreover, we woke up at 4 in the morning and almost all the day till 11 pm did the main technique: sitting in front of each other answer the main question "Who is in?" Food was every day the same, veg, without any spices or sugar... so restrictions and limitations in everything... but I'm very glad that I did this group. It worked for me; I got great inner gifts... And I loved that time so much!

So when group was done I moved out from ashram and rented a room for 1 night for 200 INR. In the morning I took a train (50 INR) to Mumbai and thanks God was in time for a flight to Srinagar (taxi in Mumbai from Dadar station to airport cost me 250 INR). So watching myself and my inner world, I spent my 2,5 hour flight to Srinagar.
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